Rudy Thoms

Co-FOUNDER & Landon's dad

Rudy fell in love with nonprofits as a teenager inspired by his mother's impact at the local soup kitchen and elderly care program. This passion for charitable work stuck through college in leading multiple collegiate programs focused on community while receiving his BA in Communications at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Working side by side with patients for the last 18 years in the medical device field Rudy's passion to change lives is second to none. After Rudy's son was diagnosed with autism in 2009, he knew his path would change and he is now spending his days helping more people impacted with autism live a better life. When Rudy is not working you will find him being the pacing gymnastics Dad to his 2 girls, playing guitar, taking pictures of the kids and always with a coffee in hand.  


Becky Thoms

Co-FOUNDER & Landon's MOm

More than 50 animals have had extended stays at the Thoms home thanks to Becky's unconditional love for all living creatures. In the last 7 years she has fostered more than 50 dogs, cats, bunnies, and a bird or lizard a time or two for the Carolina PAWS non profit organization here in Charlotte. Her unwavering love and ability to do what's right for every soul is the quiet strength that keeps her family and the foundation going. Becky is a professional violinist for the Queen City Ensemble and when she isn't taking care of the kids, the pets and brides for her violin trio she is teaching Crossfit gymnastics, reading or spending time at the lake with the family.


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